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The Benefits of a Salesforce Operations Team for Increasing Brand Revenue

blog marketing operations sales operations Jun 03, 2022


Increase Brand Revenue with Salesforce Ops


Sales operations play a crucial role in increasing brand revenue. Salesforce ops teams establish communication tools, strategies, and systems that streamline the sales team for better productivity.

As consumers demand a personalized customer experience, technology advancements have made it possible for sales and marketing teams to scale growth by delivering personalized branded messaging.

Consistent brand revenue comes from sales and marketing strategies and teams. Salesforce operations teams automate processes to keep sales personnel focused on acquiring more customers.


Revenue Increases with brand


 Brand consistency increases revenue by 33%


The quality of your brand is often judged by how much people trust it. This starts with clear and consistent marketing efforts, which in turn build customer loyalty to the company they know best.

A article revealed that the top 10 B2B brands with the best customer connections had a 31% greater revenue growth over three years compared to the 10 lowest brands. Similarly, a study by Lucidpress reported an increase in revenue of 33% when there was brand consistency. 

Every company needs revenue growth, and your existing customers are the greatest asset for any business to penetrate new business units or expand your offering.

Here are a few ways that operations teams can increase brand revenue:


Prioritizing content:

Operation teams can suggest content to customers based on their activity across your website, product, and service. By modeling the correct number of touchpoints, you can prioritize the content your customers receive and cross-sell solutions they may not be aware of. 

Improving data accessibility:

Data accessibility for salespeople can shorten sales cycles by up to 14%. In addition, by having data accessible in Salesforce, operations teams can analyze all the interactions made with the brand to help identify possible customers and detect potential threats.

Automating processes

Approximately 40% of salespeople use informal data and sales operations methods, which slows down productivity. Salesforce Operations teams can automate most of the major sales operations, thus allowing faster sales and convenience for sales teams.

Maintaining Data Quality

Every day, people leave their jobs to new companies or elevate to new roles within their organization; however, your CRM data often doesn't reflect that. Sales Ops can play an essential role in ensuring that your sales and marketing team have the right buying group coverage across all opportunities by using tools that validate that your CRM data quality is accurate and up to date.


How to identify and assess opportunities with brand revenue growth 


Boost your brand's profitability


Consistent profitable revenue growth is among the most common challenges many businesses face. Therefore, identifying opportunities for brand revenue growth is crucial for companies to get to the top line. 

The teams must understand the short-term and long-term growth opportunities. Structural sources of growth offer a dynamic approach to revenue growth, and salesforce operations enable them to be more effective.

  • Sell existing products to existing customers.
  • Sell new products to existing customers.
  • Sell existing products to new customers.
  • Sell new products to new customers.

Once the business identifies its strategy, we can leverage technology and tools to streamline processes and systems.


Operations team structures and activities that support brand revenue growth


Keep your sales team focused on what matters


A productive sales team requires a stronger Salesforce operations team. This team organizes and reviews the company’s internal processes to keep the sales team focused on delivering good results. The operations team handles all the work from within the company, while the sales team goes out to build the brand externally.

 Some of the operations team structures that support brand revenue include:


If your sales personnel handle important tasks manually and it causes them any form of delays, the operations team is tasked with finding ways of automating the tasks. This allows the sales team to handle the tasks more efficiently, save time, and become more productive. The McKinsey survey showed that over 30% of sales operations could be automated.

The Salesforce operations teams automate tasks and increase productivity in the following ways:

Managing sales orders

There is a chain of processes that order follows from purchase to dispatch and delivery. While these processes can be conducted manually, as has previously been, Salesforce automates the procedures to ensure customers receive their orders or purchase in a shorter time.

Managing workflows

Working with Salesforce operations teams enables your company to have a workflow tool. Your operations team can consistently engage with existing and potential customers through marketing automation tools. The team can also collaborate on work-related projects and share ideas.

Managing the customer journey

Sales teams can monitor and speed up a customer's journey through the Salesforce Flow Builder automation tool. Sales professionals can see promising customers who actively engage with the business and speed their customer journey to become active customers.

Analytics and reporting

Salesforce has advanced analytics and reporting that allows your operations teams to monitor sales activities, active customers, and available opportunities. In addition, Salesforce generates customized reports based on the insights you are aiming at. As a result, 73% of salesforce operations teams find it more efficient to receive quality analytics for good sales.

These reports can be arranged into dashboards, allowing you to monitor how every function of your business works towards your shared goals. In addition, analytics and reporting features enable monitoring of important business trends.

Reporting tabs and dashboards enable operations teams to identify significant trends fast, including profit made from sales and pending invoices. If you want to track any business aspect, Salesforce makes it easy and convenient.


Examples of how brands have used operations teams to drive top-line results


Small changes lead to big-time results.


Different brands adopt different measures to attain top-line results. Here are some examples of how brands use operations teams to drive top-line results.

Understand your customer

It is important to figure out your buyer persona or have an ideal customer profile. You can detect the ideal customer by reviewing your existing customers and the aspects they have in common, in regard to your area of business. Pick out the Customer's titles, sector, challenges, and verticals.

Enterprise Bank & Trust had for a long time run its operations on its homegrown CRM system, which limited automated operations. In 2011, the bank adopted a targeted FDIC acquisition that allowed expansion into customer banking. Through this new offering to their customers, Enterprise Bank & Trust increased its deposit accounts by 450%.

Understand your competition

Study your business competitors through their online sites and market analysis. Your operations teams can view their sites and read customer reviews to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Then, compare your identity with your competitor's to determine your competitive advantage.

Competitive brands use battle cards to top against their competitors. Sales teams have the battle cards of the most vital points for every competitor and study the points clearly. According to a Crayon State of Competitive Intelligence Report, 71% of businesses improved their win rates from using sales battle cards. This empowers your sales team to counter the competitors' top points when existing or potential customers address it. Battlecards help brands to stand out as better professionals against competitors. 

A clear understanding of your brand

The power of branding lies in how you can affect others' perceptions. Whether through color, design, or symbol, what people see is entirely up to their own opinion on whether they want anything more than just that one impression-and. With so many interactions happening outside and inside an organization (branding), this should not come at many surprises -since these actions shape how we think about everything explicitly associated with your company's products/services offerings

Operations teams will want to make sure that all legacy and existing messaging is reflective of the brand's current value proposition. 

Using targeted messaging

Targeted messages are personalized and aim at convincing potential customers to purchase your products. Having your CRM maintained with good data quality enables you to leverage their engagement details on your products for your competitive advantage. Personalization makes customers feel special and is crucial for a brand to achieve top-line growth. You do not want your customers to receive cold messages or calls that can be addressed to anyone.

Consistent conversations

It is doubtful that you will make a potential customer convert into an active customer instantly. You will need to make follow-up calls, and research shows that approximately 18 calls are made to have a customer buy your product. Brands that get to the top line ensure increased and consistent conversations with their target customers.


Referrals are a significant way to get to the top line, as most B2B buyers begin the purchasing process with referrals. When operations teams are marketing, and when you are having conversations, you create a network that links you with connections for possible sales.


Final Word

As sales and marketing teams continue to grow, sales operations must automate processes to keep personnel focused on the task at hand - acquiring more customers. By using technology tools advancements such as Kudoz the Opportunity Analyzer that improve data quality, businesses can empower their salesforce with the tools they need to succeed while maintaining a consistent brand revenue. 


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