Who are we?

As Business Systems Managers, Sales & Marketing Operations Analysts, and other Data Admin professionals, we have an innate ability outside our analytical skill set to be open-minded, curious, creative, skeptical, methodical, and self-motivated to improve the lives of others.


What Is Kudoz?

Kudoz is a native Salesforce solution that detects data quality issues and automatically suggests personalized fixes. This means Marketing can unlock its true potential through more accurate Salesforce reporting, creating a focused end-to-end customer experience while adding value to the essential service it provides.

All The Tools You Need To Maximize Marketing Potential in Salesforce

Get Instant Gratification from Resolving Data Quality Issues Quickly

Ensure data integrity and productivity while driving engagement.

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Create a focused end-to-end customer experience.

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Build trust and enable reporting on marketing’s impact on pipeline and revenue.

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Kudoz is the Missing Link between Salesforce & Marketing

By analyzing your marketing data and Salesforce in one place, Kudoz reveals the hidden deals youโ€™re missing.