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Opportunity Contact Coverage

Feb 12, 2021

The sales cycle and the buyer's journey in B2B often include many touch-points and decision-makers over a long period.

  • These decision-makers within a purchase can be influencers, sponsors, or the sole decision-maker when it comes to purchasing.

  • Each person in the buying team has their preferences of what they want to see and how they wish to receive Sales and Marketing content.

Over time, you will uncover patterns in your most profitable & highly engaged customers whose buyer's journey involved an optimal level of touch-points across the right mix of decision-makers. By taking advantage of Salesforce "Opportunity Contact Role" functionality, we can associate Contacts to an Opportunity to tell this story.

Business Questions
  • For those Opportunities that have Closed Won, what was the Average # of Contacts associated with the Opportunity, and what are the most common roles that they had?

  • What is the average number of touch-points per opportunity?

    • If it's too low, what are other ways we can reach these contacts?

Opportunity Contact Coverage
Common Uses
  • Speed up Sales Cycle:

    • Sales & Marketing personnel can look into marketing tactics to increase coverage within an Opportunity in order to fulfill on the optimal mix of decision-makers.

  • Justify Marketing Budget:

    • If we know which Accounts to target, Marketers can launch Account-Based-Marketing tactics to reach the decision-makers at the right time.

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