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5 Benefits of Adopting Salesforce Sales Cloud for Your Marketing Team

blog sales cloud salesforce Apr 11, 2022


Unleash the Power of Salesforce Sales Cloud


Marketing is one of the most critical elements of a successful business. Your marketing team is responsible for generating interest in your brand and products and converting potential leads into paying customers. 

Empowering your marketing team with the right tools and resources goes a long way in helping your business meet its various marketing, sales, and revenue-related goals, such as higher revenues, better customer engagement, and efficient spending of marketing budgets. 

Salesforce Sales Cloud is one of the tools you should include in your marketing team's arsenal. It is a popular CRM solution meant to support businesses' marketing efforts. 

Sales Cloud brings together all the customer information in an integrated platform that includes customer service, lead generation, marketing, sales, and business analytics. In addition, it allows businesses to access additional applications on the AppExchange platform to help them improve their sales, marketing, and customer service operations. 

Adopting Salesforce Sales Cloud to support your marketing team goes a long way in helping your business achieve its goals. We discuss some of the benefits of adopting Salesforce Sales Cloud for your marketing team.



Manage Customer Relationships More Effectively 


Improve Customer Relationships


Salesforce CRM is a customer relationship management tool that businesses can customize to their unique needs. It allows businesses to combine all customer information in one place by combining lead generation, customer services, sales, and marketing. 

With its Customer 360 feature, your marketing team has an overview of all the company's customers, including ongoing projects, issues raised, closed projects, and payments.

Sales Cloud also comes with an account and contact management feature that gives your marketing and sales teams insights into your customers. For example, it provides information about the previous conversion your marketing and sales teams have had with the client since the first contact.

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud keeps all data about your customers in one place. This makes it easier for your marketing team to personalize the buying cycle to reflect the unique needs of their customers. Your team also has access to automation tools that they can use to simplify repetitive tasks. 
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud displays all customer data on the dashboard, thus simplifying the process for sales and marketing teams. As a result, they can better understand customer needs and proactively respond to them.

Customers demand faster and more personalized experiences from brands they interact with – including B2B customers. Salesforce Sales Cloud takes this into account, thus allowing your teams to provide high-quality and personalized service.

Through the CRM, your teams can see at a glance what products customers and potential leads are interested in or have bought, thus allowing them to provide better service. 

Another way Salesforce Sales Cloud helps your marketing team manage customer relationships is by allowing them to access customer feedback. While marketing is vital in generating new leads and customers, it does not end when the lead becomes a customer.

Your team has to maintain its retention rates, continuously supporting existing customers by providing additional information such as user guides, product updates and features, and support services. 

Your CRM allows your marketing team to track your customers' feelings about your products and services. With this information, you can improve your products and delivery and offer solutions to your customer's pain points. 


Support More Efficient Collaboration between Marketing Teams


Improve Marketing Automation & Collaboration


Salesforce Sales Cloud is a cloud-based solution that allows members of the marketing team to collaborate whenever the need arises despite their location differences. It also provides a constant source of truth for your marketing and sales teams, making it easier to work on shared goals and outcomes for the business. 

Salesforce Sales Cloud also supports automation, which cuts down on your marketing team's time sending information back and forth. Instead, they can focus on developing and launching campaigns and marketing initiatives that resonate with your customers and brand. 

The automation feature also frees up time and room for marketers to analyze the CRM data to make better data-driven decisions related to their marketing role. 

Since the Sales Cloud is cloud-based, it contains the most up-to-date data allowing your marketing team to work with the most recent data. As a result, they can make critical decisions faster without needing another person's input to update the CRM data.



Better Insights into Customer Behavior and Buying Patterns


Dive into Customer Behavior


While you might have the best product in your industry, customers might not be flocking to you as you might expect. In addition to quality products, customers respond to brands that address their needs and match their interests. 

This means that marketers need data on what customer behavior is and what influences their buying decisions. In addition, consumers are more informed and want personalized and engaging experiences to consider interacting with a brand and buying from them. Therefore, understanding customer behavior and buying patterns are fundamental in today's world.

Salesforce Sales Cloud helps your marketing team track customers at each stage of the buying journey, from the first contact with your brand. Without a dedicated CRM, your team has to rely on manually exporting files from various data collection platforms – a process is both tedious and prone to errors. 

Salesforce Sales Cloud integrates comprehensive analysis and data from various platforms your team runs marketing campaigns. This creates a holistic view of your customer behavior, needs, and buying patterns. 

Your marketing team can deliver more personalized experiences to customers with this data. In addition, your marketing team can share these insights with other team members, thus providing consistent experiences with customer communication. 

Your team can also access a history of interactions with customers. They can use this information to decide on the best response for different buyer journey stages.


Identify New Leads and Opportunities


Improve Lead Generation


Generating new leads brings businesses closer to achieving their revenue goals. Salesforce Sales Cloud supports your search for new leads by bringing together all the CRM features you need to turn your marketing team into a lead generation machine. 

The CRM comes with a lead management feature that allows your marketing team to monitor campaigns across different channels to increase productivity in sales and marketing. The feature tracks all information about your leads, including the lead source and other relevant information about that lead.

You can also integrate Kudoz, an AppExchange solution, to ensure that each lead your business captures has a lead source and contact information to make your lead generation and opportunity discovery much faster and more productive.

From the CRM data on Salesforce Sales Cloud, your marketing team has the information to anticipate and attend to customer needs accordingly. This increases engagement with potential customers and increases their conversion rates. 

Salesforce Sales Cloud also makes it easier to segment your leads more accurately based on customer information from various marketing campaigns. Lead segmentation is critical for businesses that care about delivering a personalized sales and marketing experience for their customers. 

Your marketing team can develop more personalized communication and message through lead segmentation based on their interests. They can also take the personalization faster by identifying where the lead is in the buying cycle.


Measure the Effectiveness of Marketing Campaigns in Real-Time


Make Better Business Decisions


Today's marketers are advised to fail fast and fail early. Thankfully, with Salesforce Sales Cloud, they have access to real-time data on the performance of various marketing campaigns. 

Salesforce Sales Cloud allows real-time analytics that tells your marketing teams what marketing campaigns potential leads engage with and respond to. With this real-time data, your marketing team can personalize campaigns to appeal to their target audience and introduce additional solutions that customers might be interested in based on their previous responses to marketing campaigns. 

By allowing marketers to access real-time data, marketers can identify trends in real-time and adjust their campaigns to take advantage of these trends to improve their customer’s experiences. 

Other advantages of providing marketers with real-time data include:

  • Marketers develop high-value customer profiles by segmenting customers using new behavior and actions. The result is a highly-targeted buyer persona who is more likely to lead to a paying customer. 
  • Improved campaign performance. Your marketing teams can adjust their campaigns based on customer activity by accessing instant data about their marketing activities. They can implement more of what is working and drop ineffective campaigns faster.
  • Real-time marketing data improves business efficiency. Salesforce Sales Cloud converts raw data into actionable insights instantly, eliminating the need for manual processes and delays in making data-driven marketing decisions. Your teams can focus more on collaboration and generating results. 
  • Marketers can connect better with customers across multiple touchpoints in their buyer journey. Personalizing the customer experience at every stage of the customer journey requires real-time insights into their current activities and contexts, which can change fast. 


Key Takeaway


Transform your Marketing with Salesforce


Marketing continues to be an essential part of business functions. Empowering your marketing team includes providing them with the right tools and systems to help them perform their role more effectively. Salesforce Sales Cloud is one of the tools that support your marketing team, allowing better collaboration, access to real-time data, and better customer relationship management. 

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