Maximize Marketing Potential in Salesforce

It's easy to feel overwhelmed when reporting on marketing success in Salesforce while finding ways to unlock growth opportunities.
Kudoz accelerates your Month-End Reporting with accurate data for your Executives to make better and faster decisions that allow Marketers to focus on building a better customer buying experience.

Three Ways to Maximize Marketing Potential

Kudoz makes it easy to identify growth opportunities in your Salesforce data.


Get an Accurate view of your Sales & Marketing Pipeline

Simplify your reporting, so you never have to re-run a report again.

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Justify for a Bigger Marketing Budget 

Prove Marketing is driving New Business Pipeline.

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Unlock your Buying Group's Potential 

Create a better buying experience by knowing who are the decision-makers.

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Get a Real-Time View of your Sales & Marketing Pipeline Performance


  1. Go to the Kudoz Dashboard - Claim Missing Credit, and Refresh the Dashboard.
  2. Use the expand feature on the "Sales & Marketing Pipeline" Widget to view Sales & Marketing Impact to the Pipeline.

Justify for a Bigger Marketing Budget


  1. Go to the Kudoz Dashboard - Claim Missing Credit, and Refresh the Dashboard.
  2. Use the expand feature on the "Sales & Marketing Pipeline by Opportunity Type" Widget to view it's Impact to New Business, and Renewal.

Unlock your Buying Group's Potential


  1. Go to the Kudoz Dashboard - Follow the Money, and Refresh the Dashboard.
  2. Use the expand feature on the "Buying Group Coverage" Widget to view the Contact Role mix of Contacts tied to an Opportunity.

What Others Are Saying

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"This is strangely gratifying"

-- Marketing Director

"We'll save at least 10 hours per month across three people"

-- Marketing Operations

"Kudoz is the Grammarly of Data Quality for Salesforce"

-- Salesforce Admin

"I don't need to think as much; Kudoz provides instant gratification to resolve missing credit"

-- Marketing Manager

"Trust me; I've gone through much more painful installs than this one" 

-- Sales Operations

"The App does everything we had in our head of what we wanted"

-- Sales Operations

What's happening behind the scenes?

Kudoz simplifies reporting by aggregating based on your mapping.


Pipeline Impact

Deliver real-time Executive Level reporting with meticulous Lead Source granularity mapping.

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Buying Group Coverage

Create a complete picture of your Contact Roles so you can focus on attracting more decision-makers.

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Pipeline Impact

Accelerate your monthly reporting with real-time Sales & Marketing performance reporting in Salesforce.

Sales & Marketing Pipeline Performance
Know the Pipeline Impact by New Business & Renewal

One Single Source of Truth for Your Salesforce Data

We show you all the existing mapped Lead Sources and their Subcategories to help you make transparent choices.



Identify and associate all Programs unique to Sales & Marketing.

Map Lead Sources

Associate any unmapped Lead Source value to Sales & Marketing.

Aggregated Reporting 

Use our Kudoz Dashboard to simplify reporting for your Executives.

Identify Sales & Marketing Programs

Map Lead Sources to Marketing or Sales

Claim Missing Credit

Buying Group Coverage

Get complete Opportunity Contact Role information to accelerate the sales cycle.

Opportunity Contact Role Coverage

Know Your Contact Gaps for Every Opportunity

We show you a complete picture of the buying group so you can find ways to attract Decision Makers.


Map Contact Roles

Associate any unmapped Contact Role value to Decision-Maker, Influence, Sponsor.

Build Buying Group

Use Kudoz to help associate relevant Contact(s) to Opportunities.

Aggregated Reporting 

Use our Kudoz Dashboard to expose the gaps in Buying Groups.

Map Opportunity Contact Roles to Decision-Makers

Follow the Money