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Marketing's Influence on New Business

Jan 15, 2021
The Bigger Picture

Marketers can have better conversations with the Business Leaders at your Organization by reporting and optimizing against Key Performance Indicators that align with the business goals.

Here are is one way that will enable you to get the attention of your Business Leaders:

Marketing's Influence on New Business

B2B Marketers need to prove that Marketing is working. The most common way to tell this story to Business Leaders is by showing them that Marketing has influenced the New Business Pipeline. While there are many ways you can apply Attribution, our goal here is to set a simple foundation to start your journey.

Business Questions
  • What % of the New Business Opportunities are being influenced by Marketing?

  • Do opportunities that have been influenced by Marketing close faster?

Marketing's Influence on New Business
Common Uses
  • Speed up Sales Cycle:

    • Marketing can launch personalized campaigns to those Opportunities that haven't been touched by Marketing to improve the sales cycle for Opportunities that were generated from Sales.

    • If there are Opportunities that are held up in the pipeline because the prospect is looking at other Competitors, Marketers can deploy specific Marketing Assets to win over the prospects.

  • Justify Budget:

    • During your annual budget planning season, you can justify keeping your marketing budget by reporting how much pipeline marketing is generating with its current budget. Depending on the industry, but if it's making $5-$10 to every $1of marketing spend, the chances are that they will give you more money to invest in Marketing.

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